Teachin' Myself to Dream - Katy Rose

I throw myself into the rain
as we run down these old train
tracks again
The moon is naked in the sky
so maybe you and I could fly
or pretend

As the stars fall from grace
and light your glowing face

I'm teachin' myself to dream
I'm holding' my breath to scream
I;m teachin' myself to believe in the world
and it goes around in the sky so blue
That's what dreamers do

Can't say what day it is or year
but thou shalt have no fear
for I know your name
You can't believe what I did
and maybe I'm just a kid
but then we're both the same

I watch the hours through the glass
and now the time will finally pass

I'm teachin' myself to dream
I'm learnin' what love can be
I'm teachin' myself to
believe in the things I don't understand
I don't even know if they're true
That's what dreamers do

Stapled eyes can't open until waking
and all your lies will be your undertaking

I let my mind dance and flow
we'll magic and I'll know
as the lilacs slowly grow
all my dreams are true

( repeat chorus)

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