Good Luck Next Time - Kavana

Do you know I saw you yesterday,
Please don't explain,
cos I know what you're going to say.
I might be dumb but I'm not blind,
How many times do you have to lie,
Before it breaks us in two.
and because of my better judgement,
huh, I decided to let it pass,
But now I just can't entertain it,
So baby move your ass.
Good luck next time.
It's over,
It's over again,
And baby that's why,
It's true,
I cannot deny.
And now I am so sorry to say that's the last time,
you treat me that way.
You said I was a loser!
I didn't have a clue,
but I got smart,
and I got rid of you.
I might be young but I am wise,
So please don't bother to justify,
I can't take this sh_t no more.
And because of my better judgement,
I couldn't let it pass,
You know I just won't entertain you,
so baby move your ass.

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