Special Kind Of Something - Kavana

Somebody said that I would make it big
Somebody said that I would be the kid to go all the way, to go all the way
My daddy said learn and you will go far
You gotta reach out for the highest star
That?s what he said, so that?s what I did
Nobody said that I would feel this pain
Nobody said that I would feel this way
And now I need to explain

Chorus :
I?ve got something to give. I need someone to hold
I need a special kind of something cos I don?t wanna be alone
I wanna learn how to love. I need to know how to care
I got a special kind of something. That I need to share

I didn?t really think about the consequence
I got a one way ticket out of innocence
But that was my dream , and this is my dream
I can?t spend another night on my own
Never in my life felt so alone
Tell me can I explain


And if I keep pretending how will you know
The message I keep sending
I got this special kind of something that I need to show, oh?


Something to give, something to hold.
Special kind of something. Don?t wanna be alone
Learn how to love, know how to care.
Special kind of something. I just need to share ... till fade

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