Thank You - Kavana

Everybody?s going home
It?s time again to say goodbye
And I wanna say thank you for being there
I know the time is getting late
And I don?t wanna keep you here
The time has come for me to show you how much I really care

Bridge :
And friends come and go, but we?ve been through it all together
And time (just) goes to show, I owe it all to you

Chorus :
Another year has come around. And I?m so lucky that I ever found ya.
Thank you , thank you, thank you baby (Thank you, baby)
And anyone that I?ve ever known could not compare to the love that you?ve shown
Thank you, thank you, thank you now

Through the hard times, you understood
And without you there I never could have coped with my problems on my own
The year has gone by so fast
The memories I have will last, inside my heart forever now

And friends come and go, but people like you are hard to find
And time just goes to show, I wouldn?t change a thing


I?ve always known how lucky I am to have you here beside me
So before you go. I wanna say thank you, my baby thank you



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