Milk Teeth - Keaton Henson

Don't think of me like that
Just picture me leaving and not coming back
I sat where we sat
Just picking the labels and lighting a match

Darling, your arms are worn backwards you know
Course you know
Darling, you wake for my love and it shows
Let it go

One day you'll drink from my bones
And scream as you rip out my throat
Don't let me, don't let me go

And it hasn't hurt you yet
And this is your home now so don't you forget
Is it love you regret?
In that case you won't be returning, I guess
Darling, your eyes are so still when you speak
Do they weep?
And darling, you just haven't spoken all week

One day they'll drink from our bones
And sigh as they stared at our throats
And just take me, just take me home
Just take me, just take me home

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