Jealous - Kehlani feat Lexii Alijai

[Verse 1 - Kehlani:]
Pretty soon I'm a take your phone
Or you should hide it in yo pockets until you get home
Don't wanna see no tweets about the night we shared
Don't wanna hear reasons for it, baby I don't care
You and I both know I'm not just anybody
And I regret bringing yo ass to all those after parties
You enjoyed yourself too much and you ain't barely started
I just can't invest in sh_t to end up broken-hearted

You stay taken pictures, pictures
Just too show them to your b_tches, b_tches
Just so you can make 'em jealous
Now I know where your head is
Man you stay taking those pictures, pictures
Just to show them to your b_tches, b_tches
So you can make 'em jealous
So now I gotta dead this

[Verse 2 - Kehani:]
So lowkey, I just stay out the way
I built a lab up in the crib so I don't leave all day
You always try to rush out when I need you to stay
But don't forget to post a pic of you with yo bae
And by the way, I see right through it
I let you slide now cause I know you not use to it
If this is the way it is, don't even put me through it
I'm quick to cut it off, if you don't believe I'll do it


[Verse 3 - Lexii Alijai:]
Boy don't tell me that you sorry when
You with them b_tches every night when you be partying
Then you come late night, trying to hide your phone
You know that sh_t'll always end up in an argument
Why you always taking risk with me?
Hold me close by my waist, take pics with me
Women crush Wednesday's mean sh_t to me
Little kid sh_t and I don't let it get to me
Literally the whole world know this sh_t
Need a girl but you busy chasing hoes and sh_t
You the type to try to keep it on the low and sh_t
I need a real fly n_gga, I'm the coldest b_tch
I'm so legit, I goes and get
Got your b_tches, they all up on my shows and sh_t
Look, keep it real, cause every time we chill
All you wanna do is post a pic


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