Get Right or Get Left - Kelly Price

I really wanna stay but since you gave me a reason
to walk in and out that door.

Ain't no need to try no more begging and pleading cause
we been here before.

This time it's really over and there ain't no turning
back for me cause I gave you every chance.

See we been broken for far too long and the good days
ain't coming back back

See there has to come a time for you to pay for all
your crimes and there had to be a way to make you understand
my pain see I told you this before but the truth you
still ignore didn't believe me when I said

Baby get right or get left

There's no more words to say to make me wanna stay
here this time I'm really sure

I know you ain't gon change won't stop your evil ways
no but love it should be pure

Well I finally realized you kinder love is twisted
cause so acould never be. Hey cause you has a good
woman and I know cause I was your woman yes but you still to blind too see.


And I'm feeling no regret hey I'm getting strong every
step my heart said gone and now my body saying so long
so get out of my way to the left to the left there
is nothing you can say to the left Ooh get out of my way to the left

Cause I'm leaving you today

B-section end

Gonna hold my head up high no more tears so I won't
cry you didn't hear me when I said it ain't right so I left.

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