Mary's Song - Kelly Price

Before time my life was chosen
for this miracle performed,
that through me would come a baby
who would one day be my Lord.
But right now he's just a baby
and the world is not so sure,
cause while some bow down to worship
there are some who laugh and scorn.
But there's a will
and there's a purpose
that I know He must fulfill
and the reason why you chose me
very soon will be revealed.
But for now can I just hold Him
and keep him in my arms
and for now can I just hold Him
and keep Him safe from
Lord, I'll give Him back to you
Little ordinary Mary
little Baby Jesus boy
He's divine in all your planning
but for me he's pride and joy.
but in Him there is a story
that the prophets have foretold,
there is honor, there is glory
there's redemption for us all.
Can't even think about Him crucified.
Can't even think that He was born to die.
Innocent baby my heart says why?
Cause he's just a little child.

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