Once In A Lifetime - Kenny Loggins and Human Nature

Something about you
Oh, could it be I finally found
My destiny, now here you are within my reach

How did I miss you? (how did I miss you)
When you were out there all the time
It took this moment to make me realize

* (Cause) Once in a lifetime
You find your reason for living
You find the one that makes your every dream come true
(Find the one that makes your dreams come true)
Oh, I could search the world forever
No one else could do
Cause once in a lifetime, you find someone like you

Once in a lifetime, oh

I've waited for so long (so long)
Makin this can't nothin be but a lie
Cause all about standing by wind, alone in the crowd

I went through the motion (went through the motion)
Then out of heaven you arrived
Whatever was wrong, suddenly is right

[Repeat *]

(Find someone like you)
Hearts that wait for love can grow so weary
(Don't you know, a heart can grow?)
But it doesn't matter anymore
When you find the one you've waited for

[Repeat *]

Cause once in a lifetime
You find someone, someone like you

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