Promise In the Dark - Keri Hilson

Can't count on you most of all when I really need it,
Its the simple things that you do really hurt my feelings..
The more I tried, the more I'm starting to see it.
This cant work anymore than you believe it..

Goodbye may come as a shock,
Even though i love you a Lot.
I've given every breath I've got.
Sometimes you gotta break down and breath...

and how many times I gave my
how may times we fell apart.
And it equals(equals)..
A PROMISE IN THE DARK... so dont promise me..
and how many times I gave you me ...
divided by so many memories...
and it equals (equals)..
so dont promise me...

I just don't know what the problem is.. what the deal is.(noo)
Was I there too much.. did i move too fast.. i couldnt see it.
All these promises are probably how you deal with it.
I'm tired of hearing you say your innocent.

Don't think I forgot.
Who cares if you're lying or not..
I've given every breath I've got,
Sometimes you gotta break down and breath


We all make mistakes.
Sometimes we do desperate things
What does that prove.. nothing..
And you never do nothin wrong .

And what took you so long. (took you so long).
Cause i keep keep hanging on(keep keep hanging on)


so dont promise me........

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