Questions - Khai Dreams feat Atwood

So many questions
And not enough answers
I'm watching the clock ticking by and I'm dancing
I'm lost but I'm loving the high of advancing
Won't learn everything but found peace in that answer
I promise this honest found solace in hate
They stuck in a bottle I'm tossing away
Got a lot on my plate
Lot on my brain
Like when will I live if isn't today
Need to get off my ass need to stop smoking cigarettes
Gotta get cash parents ask did you get it yet
Told em this rap sh_t take time but I'm getting it
Gonna be famous they ask if I did it yet
Not yet
Let em know I'm my own prospect
I told em it's a long process
But go and hit my phone if you got any questions

[Khai Dreams:]
Questions, Questions running through my mind
Answers, of which I never seem to find
No I am never satisfied

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