Solo Dolo, Part II - Kid Cudi feat Kendrick Lamar

[Verse 1: Kid Cudi]
I don't need, I don't need nobody
Please shut the front door and walk right in
In the land of the man who rock it hard for them
Super Solo Dolo attack, run into that
If you'd like to know, yes, I am on acid
Who could it be? K-I-D
Searching all day in the streets for DMT
Don't sip it, though - it couldn't answer
Drip, drip all day - bumpin' MGMT, homie
Watch who you hate on, fam', without the facts
Sad n_ggas back in the hood bumpin' Ratatat
To me it was a dream, a fiend to understand that
You never seen a n_gga like me?
I just tell 'em I'm an oxymoron when I open my mouth
Cause people talk sh_t before knowing what I'm about
But for sure these Cleveland boys is ill
But pretty soon your gutter b_tches wildin' for real, it's such a trip
Hoes around the globe, I'm known to have a fet'
I don't do a thing and these b_tches lickin' they lips
Me and Chip reflect on all the hate and jibber jabber
Mmm, you almost got me, but s_cker I'm not a s_cker
Better get on back
You p_ssy motherf_ckers get the Will Smith smack
And I am not a fronter, better look up the facts
The world know what it be:
Mr. Rager, Solo Dolo - see me and repeat it

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]
Come, come now, last call, who want some?
It's just me, two b_tches and dirty drums
Two lips to kiss, 22 other nuns
God blessed my tongue, God need it for life
Awkward like car rides, twiddling my thumbs
Pondering my next accomplishments
It's condescending to say I won
Two lips, you kiss my ass tonight, huh?

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
I really want it - I need it
Break bread - or break fast
Before I blast and break legs, ride past
And they scream out "little Johnny is dead!"
You wish me well, I wish you Hell
Eternity, no such thing as time will tell
Infirmary, burn like magnetic combustion
Bad credit with me, and paramedics are hustlin'
What's the definition of water?
Sherm sticks, simply got 'em everywhere you caught us
Turn quick, I don't wanna play this for my daughter
My son heard it, probably look at you as his father
I'm proud of myself in a bad way
Halfway house, tell that to me halfway
I'm passin' out, ass whoopin'
Your ass lookin' for Michelle Obama 'til I bang on you
They couldn't


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