Bunny Ranch - Kid Ink

Mustard on the beat, ho!

Been tryna get so high, feel like I'm in freefall
5'10", feelin' 8 feet tall
Coldplay, bands in my G star
And yours ain't the same ones that these are
Sunset, she just wanna see the stars
Bunny ranch, ran through and seen 'em all
Rose, take one to the brain
Cobain, rollin' up romaine

Mix jeans, pocket full of mixed greens
Big team, yeah them b_tches cheerlead
Came through in the clutch, hit the last shot
And you was on the sideline like a mascot

West side
Twist it up, knew I wasn't rich enough
Back then when I was gettin' kitchen cuts
But right now it's Dita frames when you picture us
See unique, Rolex, they same clothes, same hoes
Everywhere that I go, I think I seen 'em all
Bunny ranch, ran through and seen 'em all
Key the car, sound just like a dinosaur
Martin Luther, I got everything that you was fightin' for
Underrated but I'm overpaid, puttin' in overtime
This sh_t ain't happen overnight, my n_gga Nijah know the grind
All my chains is shoulder length and all these b_tches show me love
And most these n_ggas broke as sh_t, I got broke-n_gga-phobia

Go green, n_gga, ain't sh_t that we stoppin' to
I'm tryna ball like I'm fresh up out the locker room
I came through in the clutch, hit the last shot
And you was on the sideline like a mascot

I got a b_tch in the back who only listen to me
She only post up selfies, she don't post up memes
Might twist me a Swisher, but don't like Backwoods
I light it up, it got me feelin' like a lamp in the plug
Just put the ash in the cup, you couldn't ask me enough
To get my act together, I'm just still as real as I was
I might not pick up my phone and let that hotline bling on you
Catchin' feelings like Prime Time, Neon Deion
Speed on the track, and this year's never the pre on
Feet on the dash but never on the table I eat on
We on a career high, man it's lookin' Korean
Hundreds in the building, Summer in the Winter

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