Every City We Go - Kid Ink feat Migos

Oh, Migos
Yo, yoo, Kid Ink

[Hook - Kid Ink & Migos:]
They respect me like the man
In every city we go, in every city we go
Pick up a pack soon as we land
In every city we go, in every city we go
And every real n_gga feel me
In every city we go, in every city we go
They fall in love with how we livin'
In every city we go, we gotta get it and go
In every city we go

[Kid Ink:]
Every city we go
Roll up glad I don't gotta see a PO
Know I came from the city, block as hot as creole
If you made it from the block, take a shot, reload
Realest mothaf_cka still, gotta keep a C-note
I got a million but I'm still smokin' down to the roach
I came down from the ropes, plastic sticks the glass on coasters
To keep couple shotties around me with the holster
Hoping that somebody would get froggy
Just clean up all them dirty looks
I see him tighter than a cornrow
Mad cause my poster in they sister's dorm room
But in my face


Quavo, every city we go
Yeah there's a whole lotta hoes, top floor condo
Every city we go
Touchdown 50K for a show, 50K for a show yeah
Every city we go, we plugged in 26 days you know
Ask Offset, GD Folks
Every city we go, we touchdown no Big U
And rollin' sixes you know yeah
And you know we keep it real
Touchdown in any field yo
No soccer home field
Make a hunnid mil, yeah I keep it real


Every city that I enter it's in my agenda
I'm a gangster disciple it's a part of my gender
When I touchdown they gon' go put you in blenders
Everywhere I go I got GD on my check like a pendant
City to city we gettin' this money repeated
I flew to your city, laid on your b_tch and repeated
When I greet her I beat it and we keep that on a secret
Money trees that I seeded, people they can't even believe it
Started in bandos and now we ridin' in Phantoms
Please pardon the savage because I do not have manners
I was stuck in my city so I had to keep a hammer
I was stuck on the bus I knew one day I would go platinum


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