Like a Hott Boyy - Kid Ink feat Young Thug and Bricc Baby Shitro

[Intro: Young Thug]
Metro Boomin' wants some more n_gga

[Hook: Kid Ink & Young Thug]
I just pull up to the spot boy
Like I'm fresh up off the lot boy
N_ggas say I do a lot boy
Cause I'm spending cash money like a Hott Boy
Stop thinking you the man, cause you not boy
You be looking like them cops boy
See you b_tch and I bet she getting copped boy
Cause I'm spending cash money like a Hott Boy

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
Big time, big time, I'm feeling fresh as Mannie
Ever since I told them b_tches put aside your panties
Show me somethin', it' ain't nothin' but a couple grams
Sippin' on this champagne, smack her with my other hand boy
I just pull up on the scene and never seen sh_t
But I still feel like a bum
Cause ain't no place and ain't no ceiling in here
Side n_ggas hating b_tches blocking like Kareem and him
Rolling with this n_gga here, everything you dream is real
Please believe me we do this sh_t for no reason
Baby welcome to the fast life, switch gears now I'm spinnin'
In my lane, Ruff Rydin' like the LOX boy
Stop drop, shut 'em down, open up shop boy


[Verse 2: Kid Ink]
Hunnids, fifties, I just flip 'em every mornin'
Like they pancakes in the kitchen
See me dripping, see me pourin'
Cut the gas then I floor it, pull up to the spot
They aiming for the target, I'm Kennedy in the drop

[Verse 3: Bricc Baby Sh_tro]
Everybody get your roll on, smash smash n_gga
Cash money, cash money, talkin' fast fast b_tch
Guerilla warfare but Juveniles gon' smash n_gga
Pull up to the spot with 200 on the dash, damn
The AP done nearly broke my wrist
I whip it fast, whip it fast, I gave my wrist a ticket
When you hear that "brrr brrr", know I got no chickens
I took some bands on your head and then you leave my hood


[Verse 4: Young Thug]
Cash money, Young gettin' that cash money
Supercharger on the 'Vette now I look like a crash dummy
$50,000 on a Porsche, she ain't said nothin'
Hey, yeah n_gga I became a breadwinner
I've never said nothing for the fetty, can I rub ya?
Foreign shoes they give me bunions
I blowin' O's like a Funyun
ABC, all about cummin'
N_gga cannot act tough, know he not boy
You my target, with a dot on your eye boy
I'ma buy, I'm not leasing it
I though my d_ck gon' feature it
I'm in Memphis, no Bleek, lil b_tch
Hammer, I don't want keep the b_tch
I'm screaming the tech game
And I got birds you know the rest man, rap game


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