No Option - Kid Ink feat King Los

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
I take a look around ain't nothing brand new
But the brand A clothes and a couple tattoos
City going nuts like a f_cking cashew
I'm the man in my city, don't get it confused
LA every day, west side, deuce deuce, neighborhood soo wu
What side do you choose?
Green in my eyes, red fire in my lungs
These diamonds blue don't hold your tongue
You can s_ck this d_ck, got an issue hit her
Shots fired, pistol spitta before your name, do you remember?
And what it's gonna say when I'm through with you n_gga
I don't hold no grudge, just hold my nuts
Made it the game, put a hole in ya tux
Oohhh kill em
Ho don't f_ck, all she say n_gga, ho don't f_ck
Middle fingers stuck to the world on edge
Might jump but a n_gga can't feel my legs
I'm high on the moon tryna plant my flag, for the team got a dream but I ain't slept yet
All you n_ggas robots, got a fat ass blunt I'm a role model
I don't need no co-op, goin for the win it's no option

[Hook: Kid Ink]

[Verse 2: King Los:]
Light work, this a free throw doe
I blow strong, n_gga strong arm Depot doe
I got the ice tea range and the beat coco
I say, ice-t TV and coco, that's coco like c_caine n_gga be snow though
Drop the ice in the pot and whip three more doe
Know a chick named Sheneneh that move a lot of yay yay
To say a girlfriend get the key low low
I might have dropped outta college, but I mastered cash
I get the old school scratch grand master flash
You looking like Chris Cross with a bag of hash
Because you must be high with you backwards ass, ballin'
N_ggas work at Walmart, where they play at
Turn em into a Target when I show then where the K at
Say Jack, I'm wheelin' in the fortune, lay back
Rain like April, but I might bring may back, or my back
Cause my neck and my back aching
My mack and my tech for my slab of bacon
The back and here I made it, I made em take it
I innovated, I made em state it when they debate it
I'm checking n_ggas my n_gga who play make it take it
They just faking, I take it say they I wouldn't make it
Damn Ink, what these n_ggas ain't learned it before
I make home look good like the furniture store, King!


[Verse 3: King Los]
I'm about a hundred is a hundred could be
Cause my whole motherf_cking ghetto coming with me
I'm a king so my thousand dollar sneakers on the gas of the phantom
Means there's rose petals under my feet
Yes Lord, yes Lord, get stepped on n_gga, step off
Cause asking if there's a n_gga better than me
That's just gon get you crickets, you might as well buy a pet frog
Hold up, I said look you whylin', rookie stop it
If we was in school I woulda shook ya pocket
Took your wallet, your girl say the d_ck game money
She just want me to hold the p_ssy hostage
I drop the top down, look it's ostrich
My links is juicy like I'm cooking sausage
I threw the wheels on, lift the ass up
Look like I got the Chevy p_ssy poppin, King!

[Verse 4: Kid Ink]
Sitting leaning back and my seat feel fifteen feet high over ya reach, roll up
Downtown n_gga hood gonna speed check your IG, that OG
Before for my name is stuffed inside of a swisher
Switching lane no sign of slipping
Killing the strip no sign of a siren
Sipping straight, stop chasing my high man
I can't lose n_gga too unlikely
Ain't no tie when I lace my Nike's
Nightly money sleep on the nightstand next to the bible
Holy, amen, I am more than a man and a monster
Me and the mafia f_ck your squad drink
Kid Ink King Los, they don't want problems
But you leave us no option


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