Let's All Go - Killing Joke

on our way to the fire dances
let's all stay on our feet so
in the market here we are then
sing a song for sixpence oh!
time keeps ticking - tick tick tock
can't stop now just keep on pushing
i've got a feeling something's changing
i'm gonna find this feeling somewhere
let's all go to the fire dances
take the future in your hands now
let's do this dance forever
teacher teach me something new please
sow the seed god speed the plough
basic ways to simplify me
sun is shining in your favour
push push me till i get there
i'm gonna find the human somewhere
turn the pages time goes backwards
pay the piper to play your tune
you and me in a dance forever
summer nights and music - oh!
fill your cup and don't say maybe
sun is shining in our favour
let's be human - oh so human
on your way to the fire dances

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