Wandering and Wondering - Kina Grannis

I have been wandering and wondering
Oh, and I could not remember a time when you sounded so sad, sad
And I can't become the one who'll make you happy again
I have been talking with people at night
At night, people have told me that you've been looking my way
Why can't I see through the dark aura you cast every time?

I wish for a time when my soul would not fall
I have been wandering, watching, and wondering
If you, you will be with me tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
I, why have I been out wandering through people?

Getting older, lying alone
You would think that I have been lonely
But you have no idea
You cling to me with my forgiving call and I wonder
Why I cannot venture to guess why I'm looking so down on myself
I have been wandering, wandering, and wondering

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