Heart of Chrome - Kiss

You better listen up
Since you screwed me you've been on my mind
Yeah, 'til the day we met
I was cruisin', I was doin' fine
Ooh, but now my world's gone crazy
And I think about you all the time
I'm gonna tell it to ya baby, it ain't like it was
There'll be no ifs ands or maybes, only justice because

Hey, baby (I got an angry soul, I got a broken home)
I'm gonna stick it in your heart of chrome
(I got no self-control, you gotta heart of chrome)
Yeah, sugar (and now you're gonna see, that since you messed with me)
I'm gonna stick it in your heart of chrome
(You'll pay eternally, for your heart of chrome)

For your heart of chrome

Yeah, you really made a fool outta me
Everybody knew you used me
But I was just too blind to see
You taped our sexy conversations
And you sold 'em to the BBC
You told me people can't be trusted
You gotta watch the things they do
But if you still believe in justice
I'm gonna give it to ya, give it to ya



You told me lies about all that you feel
I realize now that nothing was real
You took everything you could beg borrow steal

[Chorus] X2

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