Prisoner of Love - Kiss

If I can survive, and if you can't deny it
Don't give me love, no, don't even try it
Just give me your trust, and I'll tell you no lies
This is the truth, and I don't know why
Can't you hear your heart is beatin' (don't you hear it beatin')
Don't you feel that sweet sweet feelin' (can't you feel that feelin')
Anytime you need some lovin'

Yeah, I know, I'm a prisoner of love
And I can't break these chains
Yeah, yes I know
But here comes that feelin' again

And if you can't believe all your alibis
I can tell by that look in your eyes
When we make love, you play hard to bet
You bet, what you give is what you get
Anytime I see you goin' (anytime I see you gone)
Everytime the feelin's growin' (this feelin's growin')
Anytime I need your lovin'


I know it's much too late, but I can't help this feelin'
No I can't look away

[Chorus] repeats out

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