10 Toes Down - Kodak Black

Man, I need it right now
Gotta stay 10 toes down
I just gotta stay down
Road running, now I run the town
I ran it up, got it off the ground
Paper chasing I be on wow
Soundbite, they biting my sound
N_ggas running off of my style
Gotta stay down

[Verse 1]
Started off with a quarter pound, that's the intro
Now I run the game, blow that money like Nintendo
I am never low
Man I be higher than my tempo
Trip Lee Kodak, I will jump right through your window
Had to stay humble
He murder say black, stay humble
I'm all I can be, bumble
Bakery, f_ck pound cake I need a funnel
Tarzan swinging
Yeah, I made it out the jungle
I hustle and I bubble
And yeah I struggle sometimes
It make me wonder how I keep from going under
Do it for my momma
6 plus 4
I'm on my ten toes feet planted to the floor
B_tch I used to kick doors
Trying to get this money ain't trying to get no hoes
Once I stack that six, I want six more
Wrist gold
Call the plug tell him ship a sh_tload
I sit on the stroll and let that sh_t go
F_ck the fame
I'm writing foreign
Road running I be on the Jordan
And why all these n_ggas be so concerned about
What I be doing and try to hop on for a pony ride


[Verse 2]
Rolled up in that Jag
Roly poly
N_ggas they pulling me back
But they don't know me
Codeine take the pain away
I might OD
I can't let you win this race
I need the trophy
N_gga wipe that frown off your face
You are an emoji
I'm outchea
20 for a day I'm like Kobe
Phony, get from round me
You n_ggas bogus
Nah, nah
I never leave that money call me oldie
Put me on stage, don't even show mix
That work gon' hocus pocus
Took off like NASA
Fresher than Orbit
Show my ass off
Sh_tting on them, they like toilets
Pulled up in NASCAR
I just rent the Corvette
Boy I'm finna blast off
I let it surface
And she say she like purses
And like splurging
Only spend that money on me
My favorite person
No, I will never purchase
You ain't worth it
Riding like a derby
I can't work it
Flexing on them on purpose
They feelings hurting
911 emergent, I need a surgeon
This urgent
Bleeding concrete no longer virgin
Thank you
(?) like Turkey
My 40 churcking
I can't work it
I just get nervous
And go to bursting

Gotta stay down
Gotta stay down
N_ggas running off with my style
Gotta stay down

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