Blood Sweat Tears Revenge - Kodak Black

It's like, it's like once a n_gga got in this lil situation everybody stop f_cking with me, dawg
They throwin' salt on my name
Sh_t cray
I'm stayin' down though
I'm stayin' solid I be back out there soon

[Verse 1:]
Since a young n_gga, nobody couldn't tell me sh_t
It's Lil Kodak, Project baby coming straight out the bricks
Section 8, where everyone here living off W.I.C
If you lookin' for me, I'm somewhere hittin' a lick
In a rental car, I'm somewhere taking a trip
Keep my head on a swivel, out here you gotta be swift
Lord this is my last trip, forgive me for my sins
On my lonely, road runnin, tryna get to them bands
I done shook back, I'm right back at it again
Puttin' them crosses on the window now I'm gone in the wind
In this life that I live, I learned a lot about friends
And how they just like these b_tches because all they do is pretend
Hoes will wanna ride for you if you got your money right
Do anything for you, s_ck your d_ck all night
They say they love you forever
They say they with you for life
Soon as sh_t go sour, them hoe catchin' a flight
I remember those days when I was heated them nights
Cause all I wanted was my people to send me a kite
I done bounced right back, they can't believe they eyes
Everybody tellin' lies say ya boy caught a dime

[Verse 2:]
They say we don't f_ck with Kodak no more
He done went ghost
We ain't listening to his songs no more, he done fell off
He like another average Joe, like I ain't gonna blow
They talkin' bout me like a hoe they talkin' down on me
Tellin' lies on me, say I caught 11 years
I done lost a lot of friends, shed plenty tears
Could've hung me by my throat and cut my f_cking ears
Stay solid, had to do my bid, now I'm here
Road runnin' for that money, we in Chesterfield
You know they say sh_t real when you in the field
Had to get it how I live, that's just what it is
Tried to put my n_gga on, but he f_cking squealed
I remember those nights geekin' off a pill
I was real lil with my body full of pills
That lil Haitian out his mind toting big steel
Look at him he pourin' molly in the Zephyrhills

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