Corrlinks and Jpay - Kodak Black

Ear Dummers
Sniper gang
Mike WiLL Made-It

I'm like a fiend, know what I mean? I need everythin'
No homie, this ain't lean, I'm drinkin' lemonade
I ain't talkin' blinds but I'm blowin' Mary Jane
You would think I'm blind 'cause I be rockin' heavy shades
I gotta keep the fire, try me, gotta let it rain
'Cause I be walkin' round with a big scary chain
On when I'm posted up, I'm sellin' candy cane
Before I made my move, I had to let it marinate
I beat the pot with the spoon and watch the dope locker
I drop the 5 in the Duce like I'm Hurt Locker
Don't make me run up in your gig 'cause I'm a show stopper
I got 99 bands, I ain't got no problems
Ayy, repeat what you just say, you don't want no problems
I'm patient, when she give me head, I call her dome doctor
I keep a pep in my step like I'm pimp talkin'
I run up in your home like I'm a caller coppin'
I got lil shawty, hold that reefer now she cooer boppin'
When I jump up in that b_tch, I be thot hoppin'
All this Perc' in the lean got me sleep walkin'
I'm booted up, Molly Jolly, I don't need coffee
I'm tryna blow the f_ck up, try crack me down
They got me on the seventh floor, I'm tryna hit the groud
I'm tryna touch the promised land, you need to let me down
I put my trust in that b_tch, that hoe let me down

Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay

For all my n_ggas waitin' on some pictures through the callin'
I know your people ain't keep it real like they supposed to be
Go send your n_ggas some money through JPay so he can eat
That n_gga used to look out for you when he was on the streets
I just hit my cousin one today, do it like email
I know that feelin' that you feelin' and I love you, fam
Like a peanut, b_tter, jelly, my n_gga in a jam
Them f_ckin' n_ggas eatin' zoon zoons and waaa waa
And your girl got a new n_gga but she gon' leave when you release
Feel like everybody shakin', they be lotyal for a week
That boy a Jimmy totin Black you a profit, n_gga
Come here, spit that real sh_t that be like God sent you

Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay
Corrlinks and JPay

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