Me Myself I - Kodak Black

All I got is me, myself, and I, yeah
Yeah, babe, me, myself, and I
Section 8, telegram, yeah

All I got is me, myself, and I, got myself again
Time is money, I need that money, got no time for no friends
Ain't nobody gon' ride like me, cause I'm gon' ride to the end
Been in f_cked up situations, where you n_ggas would bend
Play my cards, I never bluff, and I ain't throwin' my hand
Sh_t, I saw when times got hard, I watched my n_gga readin' it He snitched
We called that talk, I can't believe what he did
Cause he knew what we was doin' before we went on that lick
I been rappin' and snappin', I fell in love with this sh_t
It caught up with me', cause I be jackin' since I was a lil kid
I been trippin' and goonin', and throwin' rocks at the pen
All that stickin' and movin', it got me doin' it big
Look, nobody gon' keep it real how I be keepin' it real
Coulda snitched and got released, you know they all for the deal
Put myself in tight positions, I can't even regret em
I was schemin', times was hard, and I just needed some cheddar
My life a movie, it's Kodak, I'm the movie director
Sometimes a n_gga get scared, but I know it's gon' get better
Remember when it was my people, them was gon' send me some letters
Cause I was missin' my b_tches, and I was missin' my fellas
Hot pocket on me, so my pants keep fallin'
They wanted to take me out the game, but I just keep on ballin'
Polo down, pop my collar, lil n_gga shot callin'
Could just hold up for me on the other line, guap callin'
I'll get back to you later, I'm rollin' out of my tater
I been leanin' so damn much, and now I got me disabled
N_ggas grindin', be connivin', do sh_t under the table
Just last night, John John got hit by the raiders
F_ckin' round on the ugly hit that boy with a taser
Once I came out the womb, I jumped straight to teenager
They say I'm a demon semen, young boy, hell raider
If I ain't pullin' up in a foreign, then I'm pullin' in caver
Project baby paper chasin' tie
They dead fly
Run up on me, send you straight to your maker,
All that kush that I be smokin', you think I'm from Jamaica
But hell nah, ain't from Jamaica, b_tch, I'm from golden acres
And I'll tag you with that 9, and that b_tch got a laser
And I'll lay a n_gga down, I'm like "f_ck n_gga, paid him"
I ain't bakin, but I'm cakin', I should open a pastry
I got dope in the basement

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