Molly - Kodak Black

Where's molly? looking for her, I need to find molly I said im looking for her turn on the lights..Golden one they say im the chosen

They say they like it when I roll up, cause I be pulling up in foreigns man
I don't smoke but I might roll one
Big 380 yeah I tote one, might blow one
They like just what I do, they like the way I move
She said lil Kodak I ain't never seen nobody so smooth and they ain't never done it like you... yeah

[Verse 1]
I love it when this roley on my wrist, so much diamonds I can't tell what time it is..Im so cool!
I said I hate being sober man! what you on? im on two.. how bout you?
Don't say you shoulda did you coulda did! (chosen one) don't say you shoulda did you coulda did cause truth is you wouldna did nothing
I was on that E&J Brandy, now im sipping on Bubbly
I go hard for my team, I put molly in my lean so now I sing!
I put my heart in these beats I talk to God Im on my knees, watch me while I run these streets protect me
My homies snitched on me cause Im seeing bout 23 and I ain't 23, now I see em with my enemy

[1ST Chorus]
Turn on the lights cause I'm looking for Molly...Molly, Golden one they say Im the chosen one

[Verse 2]
They thought it was over oh naw it ain't over, ima park that rover that two door rover
Ima ride that muhf_cka like a stoley back to da noya! im gone call up my lil soulja
Ima park that b_tch in front of the ugly corner
Ima wrap that cuban link around my neck, in the fast lane say slow down for you wreck Im gone bend the corners and im gone make a mess, ima bend the corner and im gone make them stress
Say im riding in a spear, ima hit that dice then throw them licks and im gone disappear
Put the rocks all on my ears, watch them cry them tears when I switch them gears
Kodak im here, this molly at my door, yeah I love her but I still don't love no ho
Oooh I seen that b_tch before say that girl on fire so I stop drop and roll
I... don't like to watch her go so I chase her with them blacks and then I flow
Ooooh my high just almost blowed.. eenie miny Moe I just caught her by her toe
My trues low my shirt off my chain on.. I don't save these hoes n_gga I ain't got no cape on
She said oooh lil Kodak you my man, im just a kid so how can I be yo man

[2ND Chorus]
I think I found Molly, So turn off the lights cause I found her, The golden one they say im the chosen one

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