Sticky 1 - Kodak Black

Totin', aye
That project baby two, hell yeah
But right now, this that institution
Yeah, for real man
For all that time I was down, man
They said I caught 11 years, man
F_ck that sh_t, look it, man
I do this sh_t bad, on the real, n_gga
I never seen the work, dawg

Look, this for all that time when I was lost, they left me stranded
See, I don't even do this for myself, this for my family
I made a lot of mistakes, made it off circumstances
That could've ruined my life, I'm bout to sign with Atlantic
Look, God be lookin' out for me, he gave me several chances
I sent him a lot of prayers, he sent me a lot of places
My momma said "Imma make it" too, my daddies dancin'
I put in a lot of work, and now my dreams manifestin'
Project baby, I cultivated, do somethin' amazin'
I pulled up, all that tool sh_t, I just couldn't take it
I thought it was over for a minute, a bad situation
I was so far away from home, but I just emancipated
I'm just so captivated, that I could be here again
So fascinatin', to see my people again
Swear I tried to leave the streets, but you were pullin' me in
My n_gga rolled a statement on me, I thought he was my friend
I can't even pretend
I love to jump on these beats
Tell my fans what I'm feelin' deeply inside of me
This what's inside of me, y'all a big part of me
I'm sorry for leavin' y'all, this my apology
I just hope y'all believe it, got trues and paid dues
But it ain't easy as queasy, it's like I'm here for a reason
I just hit rock bottom, I thought everything was sweet
But many n_ggas so sour, man
My cousin had me sellin' powder, I was bumpin' em off
We used to bag em up, and keep it all at my momma house
All my n_ggas out there livin', just keep livin' it up
All my life, in the projects, I was livin' it rough
When I was down and out, ain't nobody really gave a f_ck
They ain't really down with you, they only down when you up
I used to be that cafe fit, the full holster in the cut
A young n_gga, sixteen, with rim in my cup
I had to take a Gatorade, braid, ran to these streets
I had to cut my n_ggas, showin' they were playin' for keeps
That's all a n_gga has to tell ya, they were leachin' on me
I ain't even toilish, gettin' fame for free
When I was in a sticky one, they ain't show no support
Before I learned how to swelm, I'd count straight off the porch
We know a n_gga from the south, hittin' licks up in north
I used to play ball, but now I'm in a whole other court
I'm married to the game, we ain't never tryna divorce
Fell in love with the game, I gave a b_tch and a cause
Oh, you thought this sh_t was over with? N_gga you crazy
Kodak Black, I bounce back, like a foreigner baby
Boy this ain't no fugaze, run it back, yeah it's true
Ain't none of this no fugaze, what I be spittin' to you
Cuz I just get in the booth
And I be spittin' the truth
How I be spittin' to you, you think I'm missin' a tooth
How I be whippin' the coupe, you think I'm missin' no roof
Catch me playin' with the chick, like cock a doodle doo
I was out there on the jigga, call your boy jiggaboo
I ain't talkin' cereal, but I be gettin' the loop

Ha ha
Hell yeah, man
Kodak, keep movin'
You can do it
This that Institution
Free my n_gga [?]

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