Yung N*ggaz - Kodak Black

This for my young n_ggas sleeping in the trap
We don't trust n_ggas, we reaching on the strap
Momma down back, you gotta make a wave
This for my young n_ggas who outchea everyday
This for my young n_ggas(x3)
All my young n_ggas
This for my young n_ggas
All my young n_ggas
This for my young n_ggas
This is for my young n_ggas

[Verse 1]
This for my roadrunners
Yeah we stay up on the paper chase
All my young n_ggas, we got a sweet tooth
We love that cake
In and out of state
Tryna get it right then get it straight
You cannot relate to anything that I say that's why you hate
I be snapping
You can't even support your habits
I be snapping
Goddamn! This a habit
Came a long away from carjacking and now I'm rapping
I will still hit your damn girl and flip your mattress
22 carats, in my mouth just call me rabbit
Keep spazzing
Glue stick, on me full of bricks
On a call, yeah my Virgin Mobile phone full of licks
Straight finessing sh_t
Gotta get it any other way
(?) I be fiending for that cake
For my young n_gga
Who making plays too, they on the grind
I'm ten toes down
Hitting for them bands, out of time
Kodak Black so flick it up
My 90 babies getting it up


[Verse 2]
Go hard
We ain't going home, we be going hard
In the kitchen, wrapping fishes, Caviar
You know who we are
Sniper gang, 1800 block
You know where to find me
On the Ugly Corner Boulevard
Like a damn ram
I'm gonna hit the game super tough
Lil n_gga
Tryna do it large, getting to the guap
No restricts, driving foreign cars
Break your daughter off
Crackers tryna throw me behind bars
I flew the coupe to Mars
What is that?
That's an Audemar
That's a Jaguar
That's a fast car
Think I pulled up in a NASCAR
Yellow bone, that's a bad broad
I'm a rap star
I'm addicted to her, like I took a hit of bath salt
All my n_ggas we some bastards
We hate our damn pops
Spaz out, cash out
We thugging in the sandlot
Snatching chains
Doing anything to make them bands drop
Call the fireman
We be on fire, head hot
Run up in your damn spot


This is for my young n_ggas
Skrt, skrt, skrt young n_gga
Young n_gga, skrt
Stick and move, skrt, skrt
Stick and move
Stick and move, skrt, skrt young n_gga
You ain't no dumb n_gga
Young n_gga, you ain't no dumb n_gga
Skrt, skrt
Skrt, skrt

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