It's Me Again - Korn

I shred your bullsh_t poetry
Yes, it's me again
I wreck your postivity
Yes, it's me again
I f_ck it to watch it bleed
I kick it to make it scream
I am the alternate choice
To some stray life I'm not saying

You see beauty, I see pain
You see sky, and I see acid rain
It's me again

I rip your throat out on a whim
Yes, it's me again
I only ask for everything
Yes, it's me again
I squeeze it to feel it breathe
I smash it to fuel this need
I am the antidote for
Whatever sickness you feed


Little miss f_cker don't move an inch
Y'all punk s_ckers cant take the heat
Your blood rushing from head to feet
This is what I stand for
All unjustice thats done to man
All you f_ckers know who I am
I'm living proof that you can
Turn around and say it's me again


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