Killing - Korn

Birds are circling above
They've come back to a waiting level
Why don't they fly away?

Surely they have guessed by now
There is no gun to shoot them down
And still they stay
For what they say

Are they killing them with lies
Are they fighting for their lives
Killing them with thoughts
They can never get enough
Killing them, are we killing, killing every single feeling
It's a trained response

Birds are circling above
They're called back to a waiting glove
This sordid the game
It fits my name
I have worshiped some false Gods
And run to them like Pavlov's dogs
Who cry my shame
It burned a flame


We're all preset to reset to..
To dumb!

We're all preset to reset to dumb (repeat2x)

Somebody told me once
Beat them 'til they start to get used to it
Next thing they're lining up

Are we killing them? (Repeat7x)
Are we killing...

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