Right Now - Korn

I'm feeling mean today
Not lost, not blown away
Just irritated and quite hated
Self control breaks down
Why's everyday so tame
I like my life insane
I'm fabricating and debating
Who I'm gonna kick around

Right now
can't find a way to get across the hate when I see you
Right now
I feel it scratch inside I wanna slash and beat you
Right now
I rip apart the things inside that excite you
Right now
I can't control myself I f_cking hate you!

I'm feeling cold today
Not hurt just f_cked away
I'm devastated and frustrated
God I feel so bound
So why'd I feel the need?
I think it's time to bleed
I'm gonna cut myself and
Watch the blood hit the ground


You open your mouth again
I swear I'm gonna break it
You open your mouth again
My God I cannot take it

Shut up, shut up, shut up, I'll F_ck you up [x6]


I f_cking hate you [x4]
I f_cking hate you (SHUT UP!) [x3]

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