Little Boy - KSI

You thought I forgot about you, little boy?
Yo, these n_ggas ain't ready

Little boy tryna get involved
Come on, then, come on, then, let's get involved, you prick
Posh boy now wanna rap
Posh boy now wanna scrap
Posh boy bout to get clapped
By the end of the verse, you're gonna wish you never did that
Wish you never hit back, Guernsey's little boy's gonna feel it
When I get with the click-click-click-clack
You ain't part of this group
You ain't Sidemen, you gook
Deciding when to be a Sideman
While you're too busy faking all the packs
And then making racks and spending all of that sh_t on
Now, Rosie a sket
And I know that you're listening beginning to sweat
Little boy not looking innocent all 'cause he wanna be relevant
Tatted my name on my body so you know I'm now in my element (I'm in my element)
Call me whatever you want, still looking up to me (f_ck's sake!)
Sidemen the name of the group, all 'cause they needed the help from me
Yeah, b_tch, I was the come-up
I'm the foundation for you to go run up
Keep playing FIFA, you ignorant f_ck
Your girl is a gold digger, f_ck
At least she knows how to s_ck (oh sh_t)
Wipe the floor when I deal with scrubs
Come at me, but I win in subs
I'm the giant, just killing bugs
You're just a sh_t ChrisMD
You need to get off MD
How many girls have you f_cked in your life?
One, that's mad
Your girlfriend's forehead, mad
When you ask the sket to go give you head
Her reply is "Which one?" (ahh!)
Your dad is a weirdo (ayy)
He looks just like a pedo (ayy)
More inbred than yeast (ayy)
Your mum gets f_cked by sheep (ayy)
Your sister f_cks a crowbar (ayy)
Fam, it's really that deep (ayy!)
Sorry, n_gga, but I said it (ayy)
Little boy, now regret it

You want to say that sh_t to me? Huh?
You want to say that sh_t to me?
Learn how to spell "renowned", you f_cking idiot
Ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy
Not today, little boy
Ayy, ayy

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