You Make Me Feel - Kylie Minogue

You make me feel
gotta let you know
when we are together
you are so damn real
never let you go
wanna feel this way forever

i've lost my head
you've taken over me
past the point of no return
you lucky boy
you've got the best of me
keepin' all of......(can't make this out)

'cause it's the speed of you
the shape of you
the nerve of you
the way you move
all that we do, you're in my view
i can't get enough of the
speed of you
not just dreamin' of you
oh boy, can't believe your touch is for real

repeat chorus

it's so full on
i'm lovin' it this way
nobody can touch us now
your girl friday
seven days a week
i'll never let you down

repeat bridge

repeat chorus

passionately we get down
the whole world stops turning
and damn that can lead
don't forget to breathe
because i need you 'til the morning

repeat chorus

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