Someone Save Me Tonight - Lady Gaga

Some some some some!
Some one save me tonight
Some one save me tonight

I'm a litttle crazy drunk tonight
On the dance floor with my gurlz
Tonight night night night
Come on suzanne lets go I got u gaga
Come on I see u again see u again from that night
I got out of hand please excuse me I was only tipsy
I got my phone from u last night night night night...

Itz a hole new day do u wanna start fresh I got my
jimmy choo shoez on I'm ready got my pink lipstick
in my designer hand bag letz grab a taxxii n letz go
u got me goin crazy flash flash with the strobe light
flash flash with the strobe light I wanted to stay
but it's way too late so we r walkin down the street
of the new york lightz are on on on on o someone save
me tonight someone save me tonight night night night
night ohhhhhhhhhh!... !

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