To Find You - Lea Michele

Lately life is like a dream
I watching it through a smoky screen
Finding ways to sleep away
'Til I can be with you someday
In the darkness you call my name
But only an echo came

I can hear you
I'm only following your voice
I'll travel through the night
I'll follow the fireflies
The wolves may call
My head may fall
Your voice will guide me through it all

I'll smile through the pain
I'll search 'til I forget my name
To find you
With a song to keep me warm
And your voice to guide me home
Could've sworn I saw you face
But I guess that I see you every place

People say I've lost my mind
I'm starting to wonder if they're right
But my heart knows it can't be wrong
When the wind blows
I know that song

I can hear you
I'm following your voice
I can fell the beating of your heart
Stay right where you are
I'm coming back to you
And your face is constant in my mind
Bathed in Starry light
Wait for me, baby

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