Destructive - LeAnn Rimes

if i could smoke a cigarette right now i would
rip out of my skin commit the sins oh i could
if i could break a heart and throw it all away for just one night
my concience wouldn`t care if i just went ahead and wrecked my life


i wanna be destructive
trash everything in sight
beat the devil at his game
abuse myself all night
i wanna b_tch the world out
one loud aching scream
don`t want anybody wanting anything from me

im sick of being perfect
with a perfect little smile
pick a fight with danger
be a stranger for myself for a while
wanna come unravelled
have it out with my soul
im tired of all the voices telling me which way to go
i wish you`d silence your opinion thats the last thing that i want to know


i feel better when im sane
but now i wanna feel no pain
im just really sick of thinking
i just wanna be destructive


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