Long Night - LeAnn Rimes

Feel the underground breeze as the trains go by
Pushing through the crowd to see the sky aroubd you
I blink as the green light turns to red
Everybody on the street trying to get ahead surrounded
And when I loose myself in this raging sea
You're the beakon of light you're the air I breathe

Oh long night
I want you all to myself from now till the morning light
Maybe we could make a great escape
Run away like theives and we'll lock the world away
Somewhere no one will ever find us on this long night

I got a long ride home to think about things
And the song that the man on the radio sings
Is so true, reminds me of you
When I don't say a word you still understand
It get though, yeah who knew
It's days like this when I crave you the most
Shivers down my spine when you're holding me close

Repeat Chorus

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