Boongie Drop - Lenny Kravitz feat Jay-Z

[Hook - Lenny Kravitz]
Oh sister, roll on it
Don't let the music stop
Girl gon make the Boongie drop

[Verse 1 - Lenny Kravitz]
Late night the speaker's pumping
Flesh-to-flesh, grind-n-bumping
Hot pants, green and yellow
Round thighs, feeling mellow
The beat of the ghetto
Cornrows, bees and arrows
The ?
I love the show tonight


[Verse 2 - Lenny Kravitz]
Black heat fills the dancehall
Lovebirds got the back wall
Junglers do their labels
Have heels on the tables
Bare feet on the dirt floor
No one cares if you're poor
I'm free locking the door
And girl I'm home tonight


[Verse 3 - Jay-Z]
Put the kids to sleep on this one!

Pop, lock and drop it
I make that p_ssy speak Patois
Like Petra, remember hah?
Remember me from the basement party?
Cause I remember you type like (???)
We blowing on n_gga type E
Brother rubbing so close stepping on my Nikes
At the red light, never give me red light
Only give me green light, you know what I mean right?
After my Red Stripe, jump up on my motorbike
Show me you can roll it right
All of my diamonds, girl, they're Bohemians
All of my Jamaicans, shake it for me, shake it then


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