Where Do We Go from Here - Liberty X

Some people go through life searching for someone
I thought I had mine and you thought you'd found yours
But when I close my eyes to sleep at night
It should be her on my mind
But it's you I tend to find, tell me.

Should we run
Should we hide from all the feelings inside
Lets not waste no time
Where do we go from here
Do we act on emotions that we cannot deny
Lets not waste no time
Where do we go from here (where do we go from here)
It s not as easy as a yes or no
Wherever we turn
There is nowhere we can hide (there is nowhere we can hide)
Wish I could just be strong and walk away
There's no peace of mind, I need to know
Do we simply cross the line, tell me.


I'm finding it hard to stay on this narrow road
It would be easy to stray if he did me wrong
They say that true love comes once in a lifetime
But this fire inside us keeps us questioning all that we once believed.

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