All I Know - Lil' Flip feat Cam'Ron

[Intro - Cam'Ron]
Lil' Flip (Uh-huh)
Houston Harlem
Dipset in the building (yes, sir)
Let's get ready to do this sh_t, Yo

[Verse One - Cam'Ron]
Call me the better man
Beretta man, leather man, cheddar man
I should of been the weather man
I tell you where the high is and where the low at
When it gonna rain dog where the snow at
And where the snow at it ain't got to cold at
My block is hot kojak got his Kodak
And that's totally wack
Y'all supposed to be cats
Men of mice of course they go grow to be rats
That's ain't Cam's momento so I crammed the rental
With grams and endo had them saying Jusendo
Got that b_tter brother
Word to mother murder
Hit the other servers
Down at Whattaburger
Eat at Long John Silver keep the long arm silver
F_ck the long arm of the law he's strong on sckrilla

[Bridge - Cam'Ron]
Flip to killer
We flip to kill her
That's a killer flip ya flip we kill ya (Dipset B_tch)

[Verse Two - Lil' Flip]
And if you don't lurk or live here you riding through my hood
And I don't know what you heard but we'll take you for your goods
I wish you would come to my neck of the woods
Come to my hood
Better bring a tek to my hood
And we be buccin' and drivin'
While you shuckin' and jivin'
N_ggaz hateful low down dirty plus they conivin'
Me and my n_ggaz we roll with triggers
We kill you for figures
We put 13 bricks in the 18 wheeler (yeah)

[Hook X4 - Lil' Flip]
Street life is all I know
So when I carve my music that's all I show

[Verse Three - Lil' Flip]
All I know is n_gga bring me all my dough
Cause rap money come fast and ? money come slow
One day you on yo feet the next day you flat broke
That's the drought cause yo connect got bad dough
Now you got smoke from another n_gga you don't know
That n_gga might be a fed if he don't show
Plus plots and skeems
Young n_ggaz chasing green
You better wake up cause ya'll n_ggaz chasing dreams



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