Bounce - Lil' Flip

[Lil' Flip]
Yea, this track right here making them bounce - y'know
Jump in the chevy and bounce
Yea, uh, play ya skillz on the track

[Chorus 2X: Lil' Flip]
Now bounce for yo click n_gga! (bounce)
Bounce for yo hood and throw it up
Throw it up, throw it up!!(where you from)

Now bounce for yo town n_gga! (bounce)
It's goin down, throw it up
Throw it up, throw it up!!(where you from)

[Lil' Flip]
Now where you from?
Homey Im from the southside (southside)
And when I pull up it the maybach and leave your mouthwide (mouthwide)
You better get your mind correct like the color changing clique
Before I correct your mind and f_ck around and bang your chick (n_gga)
One time for all my ladies, 2 times for all my thugs
If you wearin a fake jacob you know you a scrub
You gotta step it up, I got a special cup
I get my shine on
But no these aint no rimestones
I got my clothing line
I got my liquor coming
And if you on a verse each part 1500
N_gga you do the math
I never use a cab
I'm from the dirrty, I rock custom jerseys


[Lil' Flip]
I pack a k n_gga (k n_gga)
I blow that haze n_gga (haze n_gga)
I'll be at frisco f_ckin with them bay n_ggaz
Them n_ggaz bump screw, and they will jump you
They pick me up from the airport with them pumps foo
And we ready n_gga so bring it on ho
I be at Harlem nights but don't step on my big toe
One time for all my gangstas, 2 times for all my wankstas
I made a lot of yall careers and and yall aint tell me thank ya
But Im a grown man, I hold my own man
Not from ATL but I'm killin Mikes like Killer Mike
Half the time I don't write
I just grab an ounce
Tell play to fresh record
And watch these n_ggaz bounce


[Lil' Flip]
I'm on luda sh_t, screwed up, track 8
Plus I did rock n' roll with Fam Lay
In VA, Norfolk to be exact
I did a track with Swiss Beats, yea I got that crack
My n_ggaz got my back
Yo n_ggaz quick to run
And leave you there lookin dumb (now that's gangsta)
One time for all my pimps, 2 times for all my hoes
I went from gold, white to plat
Back to rosegold


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