Cut 4 U - Lil' Flip

{Lil' Flip talking}
Lil' Flip,this for the ladies though
yeah this for the ladies

{Chorus: Lil' Flip}
I Cut 4 you but girl I got things to do
I bet you wonderin' what I'm doin
when I ain't wit' you I got money
to make I got places to go so you
ain't gotta worry if I'm out chasin hoes

{Verse One: Lil' Flip}
I tell you wear a n_gga's boxers and ya hottie top
would you like me if i didnt have a Jag
off the lot and when I hit the mall and shop
I'm buyin all the socks and if I got into some
trouble would you call the cops? I needa ride-or-die chick
like the LOS that know how to drive a stick
in a yellow vette' I needa gal that know how ta pull
silly stunts I needa gal that know how to roll philly blunts
and if I wanna drank she gon' hold my ace
and if I ever get locked up she gon' promote my tapes
she under stand when a n_gga say I gotta show
and when I gotta show that means that I gotta go
I'm tellin you all this right know cuz' I gotta know
are you down wit' me becuz I gotta lotta dough
and all of my jewlery gotta lotta snow
{girl:what you need Flip}
{Flip:girl notta hoe}

{Chorus repeat 2X}

{Verse Two: Lil' Flip}
I only like fine woman like Destiny's child and if
I say I'm Lil' Flip I bet she'll smile I dont
belivin buyin dranks but I can show U, a mic
you dont believe my teeth cost then I can show ya
a price I paid 20 on my piece I paid 50 on my teeth and
U dont wanna know how much I paid for my bentley
but it dont matter girl I got mo' money than Bill Gates
and I'ma stay paid as long as my record's
still playin but n_ggas still hatin cuz they gotta broad
wit no Job, or they gotta chicken head wit no Job and no car
{Lil' Flip talking on the phone}
girl be quiet
Lil' Flip we gotta show
you can go out wit' ya friends I'ma do my own thing

{Chorus 2x}

{Verse Three: Lil' Flip}
and I dont give my dough and I got lick e'm low and
if yo' friends dont like me fa'get dem hoes
I got you drivin navigators and drivin sports cars
I got you steppin out the house in guzzi sports bra's
I got you doin alotta stuff that you never use to do
I got you wearin baggets the size of a rubies Q
I got you takin vacation while I'm playin playstation
{girl talking}
he went off wit' anotha girl

baby they jus hatin keep waitin pretty soon
we gon' spend some time and if I wanna stay paid
I have to spitt' rhymes so if you done wit me baby then
it aint no problem and we can ride side by side
like bat man and robin

{Chorus till end}

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