Da Freestyle King - Lil' Flip

N_gga, 2000, Y2K
Me and Ron C all in yo muthaf_ckin' sh_t n_gga
fo sho, ha, man it's goin' down
y'all boyz need to fo sho get that cotton candy
cotton mouth, all in yo' face n_gga
Uh huh, Lil Flipper, The Leprechaun aka Da Freestyle King
S_cka Free, f_ckin' with that Ron C
Dat Dodo, y'all blowin' bullsh_t
Indo n_gga this what we blow...

(Lil' Flip)
We blow Indo, I might be on Jay Leno
They be like Flip, can you listen to my demo
I say naw n_gga I got shows to do
After the concert, I got hoes to screw
If I'm on stage, I don't wanna be close to you
I got money n_gga, I ain't gon' boast to you
What I'm supposed to do, is keep rappin'
Some n_ggas got gold in they mouth, I got platinum
I ain't cappin', what happened
I done blew up too quick
I'm the Lil' Flip, Da Freestyle King of the Screwed Up Click
I represent, I get head
Ride blue, ride black, I ride red
F_ck a Fed, I shake heads, when I'm in the club
Ball outta control, I got Indo dub sacks
How you love that, I ain't the Hot Boys
But you might see me in a drop top boy
I roll rolex, I got baggets, princess cuts
If I'm in the club, you'll see me, pimpin' sl_ts
That's what i do, n_gga all the time
Get rotation on 97.9, that's The Box
N_gga got a TV sitcom on Fox
Used to be on blocks, slangin' rocks
Now I'm changin' dots, in my drop top prowler
Go to court, throw away the case, I got a prowler
Call her, n_gga, Caller ID, a baller I be
She wanna f_ck, I'ma call her and see
Take that hoe to Motel 6 or go to Tweety's
Pour a duece in the can, sold a four in Tahiti
Now I'm leanin', n_gga, I'm in the green Beamer
Supa dupa fly like I'm Missy Misdemeanor
I'm Lil' Flip, n_gga, I know you know me
Baggets and 30 pointers all on my rolly's
You might see me in a Expedition
With a sign on the back, that say let's go fishin'
I'ma balla, n_gga I told you that
If I ain't ridin' green then I'm rollin' 'Llacs
I'm from the Clover, I'ma solja, I write rhymes in my folder
Hell yea, I got mo' crystals than Folgers
That's coffee, hoes wanna toss me, get off me
Cause I be ballin' outta control, hoes they stalk me
From Milwaukee, my Nextel, inhale, exhale
Half of my n_ggas locked up in jail
But I'm still on the block, puttin' it down
N_gga when I smile, bling, platinum puddin, you gotta frown
You be mad, cause you see me in a drop top Jag
50 G's for a car, that's not that bad
I can do that, if it's too fast, I can screw dat
Get the brand new drop, royal blue dat
Now I'm cruisin', n_ggas I be bruisin'
Gettin' all mad cause in the club, I be choosin'
I like yellabones, talk on PrimeCo telephones
Got hoes from Hine-Clark to Yellowstone
I'm in Homestead, killin' with the real n_ggas
We wearin' Platinum Fubu, y'all still wear Phil Hilfiger
I almost f_cked up, but n_gga I'm the king
I can freestyle all night til the doorbell ring
And all I do, is ride on chrome
And all I got, is DVD's inside my home
I got a Jacuzzi, I might watch Scary Movie
Hell yea, I get head from yo mama every Tuesday
This Lil' Flip, I bet cha know dat, show dat
Hell yea, you owe me some money, n_gga you owe dat
So pay me, the radio gon' play me
Look at my yard, I got mo' toys than Kay-Bee
Who I am, The Leprechaun, Freestyle King
Change the color of my teeth and my byzletine
Now I'm platinum, n_gga got a n_gga name Crime
Open up my mouth, my piece shine, but Johnny got my blinded
y'all can just parallel park, when I open up my mouth, its farewell to the dark
I sip drank, flip pints, sip 8's, got hoes at Worthing, Sterling and Yates
And when I pick 'em up, n_gga, I'ma take 'em to the room
N_gga, I'ma be the witch and you can ride my broom
Then you gone, I freestyle, I'm off the dome
I got all, satellites from the top of my home
I get gone in my zone, n_gga, I'm in a Bentley
N_ggas mad, they got Guess glasses, I wearin' Finley's
And S classes, jumpin' out, n_gga Da King
F_ck y'all n_gga, I'm jumpin' out limosuines

N_gga, Lil' Flip, S_cka Free, Swishahouse n_gga,
we over here too n_gga, we puttin' it down n_gga,
the North and the South, n_gga, how you do it, that was freestyle...

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