Intro In A-Minor - Lil' Kim

[*Sound of a car driving on a busy street*]
[Taxi Driver:] Alright, sir, which side of the
street would you like to be on.
[Patron:] Yeah, that one. That side right there.
[Taxi Driver:] Yeah, okay.

The taxi driver is heard pulling over to let the man out.
[Taxi Driver:] Okay, that will be four-ninety please.
[Patron:] Yeah, yeah, here's five dollars. Keep the change.
[Taxi Driver:] Oh, f_ck you!

The car door slams shut and the man is heard walking.

[Box Office Worker:] May, I help you?
[Patron:] Yeah, ah, can, can, I have one for Little Kim. H_rdcore.
[Box Office Worker:] That will be ten dollars.

He hands her money and then walks through a door.

[Box Office Worker:] F_ckin' weirdo.

[*Lil' Kim's Big Momma Thang is playing in the background*]

[Concession Stand Worker:] Yeah, may I help you?
[Patron:] Yeah, ah, can I get a small order of popcorn, and
ah, ah, a large order of b_tter and just like a lot
of napkins please.
[Concession Stand Worker:] B_tter? Anyway, am, will that be all?
[Patron:] Yeah, ah...
[Concession Stand Worker:] That'll be six-ninety-five.

The patron hands another bill over.

[Concession Stand Worker:] Ah, man, why this sh_t so slimey?
[Patron:] Huh!

The patron is then heard walking from the concession stand
into the screen room. Lil' Kim and a man are heard moaning
and having sex. Porno music is heard in the background.

The patron unzips his zipper. Five seconds later and a
splashing noise is heard as the patron begins masturbating.

Yeah. Yeah, baby. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Come on, baby.
Yeah. Yeah. Mmm. Yeah. Yeah. Kim. Come on, Kim.
Come on. Yeah. Yeah.

The moans from the screen and the splash sound from the
masturbating patron continue.

Yeah. Come on. Kim. Kim. Yeah. Yeah.
Work it, b_tch!

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