Not Tonight - Lil' Kim

I know a dude named Jimmy used to run up in me
Night time pissy drunk off the henny rimmy
I didn't mind it, when he f_cked me from behind
It felt fine, 'specially when he used to grind it
He was a trick when I s_cked his d_ck
Used to pass me bricks, credit cards and sh_t
S_ck him to sleep,I took the keys to the jeep
Tell him "I'll be back," go f_ck with some other cats
Flirtin', gettin' numbers, in the summer, hoe hop
Raw top in my mans drop
Then this homey Jimmy, he's scremain "Gimme,"
Lay me on my back, bustin' nuts all in me
After ten times we f_cked, I think I bust twice
He was nice, kept my neck filled with ice
Put me in Chanels, kept me out nice
Cold s_ckin' his d_ck, rockin' tha mike
It was somethin' about this dude I couldn't stand
Somethin' that coulda made his ass a real man
Somethin' I wanted, but I never was pushy
the motherf_cker never ate my p_ssy

I don't want d_ck tonight, eat my p_ssy right
Uh, uh, uh, uh Lil' Kim, Lil' Kim, bring it to me now

I know a dude named Ron Doo push a Q
Had a wild crew on Flatbush and Avenue U
Had a weedspot, used to pump African black
He used to, seal his bag so his workers wouldn't cap
I used to see him, in the tunnel, with f_ckers at dawn
Whisper in my ear he wanna get his f_ck on
I dug him, so I f_cked him, it wasn't nuttin'
He wanted me to s_ck him, but I didn't, I aint frontin'
The sex was wack, a four stroke creep
I jumped on his d_ck, rode his ass to sleep
He called next week, askin' why I aint beep him
"I thought your ass was still sleepin."
He laughed, told me he bought a new Path
Could he come over right fast and f_ck my pretty ass?
I'll pass, n_gga the d_ck was trash
If sex was record sales you would be double plat
The only way you seein' me is if you eatin' me
Downtown taste my love like Horace Brown
Tryin' to impress me with your five G stones
I give you ten G's n_gga if you leave me alone, screamin'


The moral of the story is this
You aint lickin' this, you aint stickin' this
And I got witnesses, ask any n_gga I been with
They aint hit sh_t till they stuck they tongue in this
I aint with that frontin' sh_t
I got my own Benz, I got my own ends, immediate friends
Me and my girls rock worlds, some big n_ggas
F_ck for car keys, and double digit figures
Good d_ck I cherish, I could be blunt
I treat it like it's precious, I aint gonna front
For limp d_ck n_ggas, that's frontin' like they willy
S_ck my p_ssy till they kill me, you feel me?


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