Player Haters - Lil' Kim

[Hater #1:] Hey yo
[Hater #2:] Whatup, baby?
[Hater #1:] That little stink ass b_tch, Kim, them little snake
n_ggaz, man, I don't like that b_tch
I can't stand that b_tch
[Hater #2:] Yeah, I see that b_tch
[Hater #1:] That's my word yo, that's my word, son
But yo, on the real though, the b_tch do be havin
some cheddah and the b_tch be rockin some ice
Know what I'm sayin?
[Hater #2:] I'm sayin, I see it
[Hater #1:] I be seein her floatin with little n_ggaz here now
and then, know what I'm sayin?
[Hater #2:] What, them little b_tch ass M.A.F.I.A. n_ggaz?
[Hater #1:] Yeah, them little faggot ass n_ggaz
[Hater #2:] Them n_ggaz p_ssy, kid
[Hater #1:] I swear to God, if I ever see them n_ggaz rollin down
Gates Avenue I'm gonna lay one of em on the strength
You know what I'm sayin, you know how we roll baby
[Hater #2:] No doubt
[Hater #1:] But, am, yo what's up, you wanna get this paper or what?
[Hater #2:] No doubt
[Hater #1:] Cause they, I'm sayin, I know they sweet
You know what I'm sayin? You know how they get down
Know what I'm sayin?
[Hater #2:] No doubt
[Hater #1:] I'ma hold them n_ggaz down, one a them n_ggaz move a
inch, I'm lacin em straight up and down, I'm puttin one in
they cabbage
[Hater #2:] No doubt let's make it happen, kid
[Hater #1:] Aight

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