Queen Bitch - Lil' Kim

If peter piper pecked em, I betcha biggie bust em
He probably tried to f_ck him, I told him not to trust him
Lyrically, I dust em, off like Pledge
Hit hard like sledge-hammers, b_tch with that platinum grammer
I am a diamond cluster hustler
Queen b_tch, supreme b_tch
Kill a n_gga for my n_gga by any means b_tch
Murder scene b_tch
Clean b_tch, disease free b_tch
Check it, I write a rhyme, melt in your mouth like M&M's
Roll with the M.A.F.I.A. remember them?
Tell em when I used to mess with gentlemen
Straight up aposttles, now strictly n_ggaz that jostle
Kill a n_gga for the figure, how you figure?
Your cheddar would be better, Beretta inside of Beretta
nobody do it better
Bet I wet cha like hurricanes and typhoons
Got buffoons eatin my p_ssy while I watch cartoons
Seat the loon, this rap Pam Grier's here
Baby drinkers beware, mostly Dolce wear
Frank kill n_ggaz lives for one point five
While you struggle and strive we pick which Benz to drive
The M.A.F.I.A. you wanna be em
Most of y'all n_ggaz can't eat without per diem
I'm rich, I'ma stay that b_tch

Uhh, who you lovin who you wanna be huggin
Roll with n_ggaz that be thuggin, buggin
In the tunnel in Eso's
Sippin espresso, Cappuchino wit Nino
On a mission for the lucci creno
I used to wear Moscino, but every b_tch got it
Now I rock colorful minks because my pockets stay knotted
C-note after C-note, Frank Bo hold fifteen plus the caterer
you think you greater, uh
(You n_ggaz got some audacity
You sold a million now you half of me
Get off my d_ck, kick it b_tch)
Check my pitch, or send it persona
And I'll still stick your moms for her stocks and bonds
I got that bomb ass cock, a good ass shot
With h_rdcore flows to keep a n_gga d_ck rock
Sippin Ziffendales, up in Chippendales
Shop in Bloomingdales for Prada bags
Female Don Dada has no broblems spittin cream with my team
Sh_t's straight like nine fifteen, y'nahmean?
Cruise the diamond district with my biscuit
Flossin my rolex rich
Sh_t, I'm rich, I'ma stay that b_tch

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