She Don't Love You - Lil' Kim

[dials phone - phone rings]

[Kim] Hello?
[Girl] Hello
Is this Lil' Kim?
[Kim] Who's this?
[Girl] Don't worry 'bout all that
I found your number in my man's pocket
[Kim] Well sh_t b_tch!
Give it to him then!
No wonder the mothaf_cka hasn't call me yet!
Look at your f_ckin' groupie ass
Stealin' numbers and sh_t
[Girl] Wha? F_ckin' b_tch!
I'mma see your ass at the mothaf_ckin' concert

Does she do it like me?
Does she work that body?
Throw that ass like pu-pump-pump-pu-pump that hottie
Do she handle it like she got a deep throat?
I mean s_ck that cock 'til she start to choke
Does she like to have sex high off the X?
Try it with me and tell me who's the best
Does she like to wear thongs that you can eat?
Do she f_ck your brains out 'til you fall asleep?

[1] - Bet you she don't f_ck you
Like you know I f_ck you
And I bet you she will never do, oh
All the things I'll do for you

Is she drop-dead fine?
Does she like it from behind?
Is she fly?
Do she got a style like mine?
Does she slurp it, rub it, jerk it, ride it?
Tell you how you feel when you inside it
You love me, and I know she know
Cuz everytime I come around, she be like "let's go"
Girls know not to leave they man around me
I get my hands on 'em
He puttin' rent and a Benz on me

[Repeat 1]

I'm the queen of Rap, there is none higher
Did she tell you that?
The b_tch is a liar
People spend doe to see me spit fire
And n_ggas give they life to be with me for one night
I let you come in me, while you stick it in the booty
Lick the nut off, then stick it back in the coot, see
I bet you she don't even know how to kiss
And I bet you ain't never been f_cked like this

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

And I bet ya, and I bet ya baby
And I bet ya she don't f_ck you
And I bet ya, bet ya, bet ya baby
And I bet ya she don't f_ck you
No, baby

[Repeat 1 to fade]

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