Where They At - Lil' Romeo

Where them boys at?
(Where they at)
Where them girls at?
(There they go)

[Chorus x5]

{Master P}
Call bugs on the phone
Whodi meet me by the dome
Daffy proably dieying whodi take him to the phone

{Lil' Romeo}
Nick -nat-patty-wat give a dog a bone
Before you hit his spot, whodi catch him at his home

{Master P}
The mighty duck said, boy throw them bows
Home alone said you better lock them doors

{Lil' Romeo}
Now big bird was posted up at sesame street
Uptown whodi screaming c-p-3

{Master P}
Now where my thugs at, I mean my rugrats
Them Lil' soldiers representing in them projects

[Chorus x4]

{Lil' Romeo}
How he choose Lil' whodi
I heard the bricks was out of style

{Master P}
Nobody aint trippin, cause the 7th ward is packing
Mother goose bout to lay them eggs
sixteen-five is all she said

{Lil' Romeo}
See a big bad wolf dont play no games
we rowdy rowdy whodi we will throw them thangs

{Master P}
Soulja rags on our head cause we bout dat
Where them boys ,where them girls ya'll shout that

[Chorus x4]

{Master P}
Tom and Jerry on the block, there goes the cops
Took Scooby of his chain, in case it get hot

{Lil' Romeo}
Charlie Red was chillin in the projects
Man the mail man didn't get a counter check

{Master P}
Now Peter Pan he's the jacker of all trades
Lil' Pokey, took 2 to the head

{Lil' Romeo}
Now Charlie Brown on tha block, whodi ballin
Representin cup woods, dirty south New Orleans

{Master P}
Humptey hump went to the mall
I done made a call
Popeye said the spinish whodi, I want it all
Because Bettey Boo was chillin at the nail shop
A perfect 24-36 from bottom to the top
We in our P Miller Jeans No Limit shirts
Thuggin on tha block me and Rome puttin in work


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