Gangsta Shit - Lil Boosie

[Verse One]
if you ain't heard I'm Lil' Boosie who be rappin bout that gangsta sh_t
aint satisfied unless I'm high and my bank get thick
I'm the most underestimated rapper walkin the streets
n_ggaz on videos with money but can't talk it like me
cause they ain't sour like me
sh_t in two seconds you down
my first album ain't no joke
how would you think my second would sound
hope to make it in this rap game I gotta get rich
go to gin and juice and henny to a bottle of chrys
put yo fo's up in the sky if you feelin my rhymes
might be local for now but I'm still gone shine
put my doggs on Garfield who told me don't stop
keep rappin and that's whats happin and for sho you gone pop
so I kept my head up and spoke the real from the heart
f_ck around you will get down thank I'm still a lil boy
you got another thang comin you ain't f_ckin wit no hoe or no woman
and fo down is the hood I'm from

[Chorus: x4]
if you ain't heard I'm Lil boosie who be rappin bout that gangsta sh_t
n_gga I'm bout that gangsta sh_t

[Second Verse]
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n_ggaz getting the picture but don't want to put me in the frame it's a shame
I rap harder than any n_gga you name
from weed to caine I distributed all
and for everybody who want see Lil' Boosie fall man f_ck yall
and throw up chain defenses
I'll go off like I'm Caine in Menace
listen n_gga I ain't finish
look you n_ggaz smiling in my face you ain't my round
I'll put that f_ckin iron up in your face and lay you down
I'm thuggin n_gga
I gotta Firebird and a cutlass n_gga
and that whole south gone ride if you touch it n_gga
now lets go hop up in the bucket n_gga lets get high as the f_ck
show this n_gga the consequences for drivin his nuts
I need a fifth of Mad Dog cause I'm finna act dog
show this n_gga how we livin cross the track dog
you better back off or I'ma hit this n_gga with this hot sh_t
just sit back and watch this

[Chorus: x4]

[Verse three]
well it don't get mo' gangsta, gangsta than that n_gga Lil B
runnin raps that f_ck yo head up and still flippin that d
you gone need a navy of n_ggaz you play with me n_gga
plus I got a black nine beam and it stay wit me n_gga
what yall know about them fo's
if we can't put it on the map
we finna put it on the globe (whoa)
call the coroner n_gga I'm warnin you n_gga
I ain't fearin none of you n_ggaz I dump on you n_ggaz
you f_ckin wit a cave man I might be small but I'm brave man
in yo lap I'll have yo head layin
you f_ckin with a mastermind ain't gone be too many after mine
cause they can't rap it how I'm rappin mine
sh_t lets go hop up in the ?Booneville? show those dummies its real
all these bullets in this chopper how no one get killed
n_gga I'm bout that gangsta sh_t
and f_ck every n_gga who say I ain't the sh_t

[Chorus: repeat 'til song ends]

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