Smoking on Purple - Lil Boosie feat Webbie

[Lil' Boosie talking]
Ease ya mind a lil bit (ease ya mind)
Light up that blunt (light up that mother f_ckin' blunt)
Lift back that sunroof (lift back yo sh_t n_gga)

[Lil' Boosie]
This that sh_t that we ride to
This that sh_t that we vibe to
This that sh_t that we get high to
That gangsta musik n_gga
And you can try but you ain't Lil' Boosie n_gga noo (noo)
Bad b_tches got you feelin' great
Looked at my CEO like CEO let's get this cake, baby
I hit the stage and hoes go crazy, I'm playa made
All my hoes got Jordan skills, they fade away
I hit the mall and bought (sh_t) throwback after throwback
Everybody wanna take pictures they like, "Damn, you Mr. Kodak."
Smoke comin' out my sun roof a n_gga shining
A n_gga love gettin' p_ssy love rocking diamonds
If you got kids in this world, n_gga, handle ya business
And you don't need no n_gga, be independent
It's murda murda n_ggas beefin' n_ggas slingin' nines
And I keep that purple purple to ease my mind

Smokin' on purple ease my mind
This that sh_t that we get high to? yeah
Its murda murda murda gotta keep ya nine
This that sh_t that we ride to? yeah

[Lil' Boosie]
I know the game I know the street
I got the raps you got the beats
And we gon' lay it down real sweet
So yall can ride, head bobbin side to side
I don't want sh_t from my fans but this: feel a real n_gga's vibe
When you down and out, don't nobody trust you
But when you got bread it seem like everybody love you
It's still f_cked up mayne in certain cases (believe this n_gga, look)
they still racist, I can see it on them b_tches' faces
that's why I'm smokin' and laughin' I got my grind on
And they don't feel my struggle they think my mind gone
That's why it's murda, murda kill, kill on the corner
These lil' n_ggas got big pistols ready to put it on ya
So, when you die you might as well be high
Is it heaven or hell or is it all a lie?
That's why I smoke purple on Monday, purple on Tuesday
Two glocks cocked so they don't bruise me

[Chorus 2X]

[Lil' Webbie]
Smoking on that doja I done got a bag for cheap, n_gga
Eyes barely open and I'm glued to the backseat
Boosie took another hit and then he passed it back to me
This sh_t must got something in it, n_ggas switched some crack with weed
Ain't no crack up in the windows I can barely even breathe
Got me fumblin' and trippin' almost passed the blunt to Cee
Got it cloudy in the Bentley n_ggas squinting tryin' to see
And they don't know what time it is but I know it's time to eat
Ridin' dirty bumping, ridin' dirty know how that sh_t be
One day your hear and the next day you going on repeat
With that nine up in my reach right now dyin' ain't for me
Mayne this pine got me sleepy but I'm too high to go to sleep
Bust a hooty when you rollin' potent as you s'posed to be
You be rollin' and smokin' 'em back to back consistently
Keep movin' blunts to phillies, zees, and shisha sweets
Yeah savage really don't care just put that sh_t in the air

[Chorus 2x]

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